Prisons league table published

A new league table has been published today ranking the performance of Britain’s 129 prisons.

The worst three prisons have been named as HMP Holloway and HMP Brixton in London, along with HMP Dartmoor in Devon. They were the only three prisons to receive the lowest score on a scale that awards up to four points for exceptionally high performing institutions.

The highest performers were the privately-run Altcourse in Liverpool, and the public sector jails Frankland in Durham, Lancaster Farms in Lancaster, Usk/Prescoed in Monmouthshire and Whatton in Nottingham. These prisons will receive extra money and a special plaque.

League tables of prisons have been compiled for some years, but this is the first time that they have been made public. It is hoped this will encourage struggling jails to raise their standards.

The failing prisons will be performance tested over the coming months and will face privatisation if standards do not improve.

Commissioner for Correctional Services, Martin Narey welcomed the publication of the tables saying: ‘The Prisons Performance Rating table shows how prisons are performing against a range of indicators and clearly demonstrates where the public are getting value for money and where there is room for improvement.’