Welsh MS says he was trolled following father’s death

A Welsh politician has said he was trolled following father’s death.

Jack Sargeant, who represents Alyn and Deeside in the Senedd, said he was abused on social media after his father’s suicide.

His father Carl Sargeant, then-MS for Alyn and Deeside, took his own life in 2017 after then-First Minister Carwyn Jones sacked him from the Welsh government.

He told the BBC’s Walescast podcast: “Just think about that, would you go and say that to anyone else?”, adding that social media abuse is “very common”.

He explained, “I deserve to be scrutinised but I don’t deserve to be abused in that way,” suggesting that social media companies do need to do more”, citing the example of trolls who target footballer and campaigner Marcus Rashford.