Top boss tells MPs supply chain issues will impact Christmas shopping options

The chief executive of the Cold Chain Federation has told MPs today that more restricted options can be expected in shops across this year’s Christmas period due to supply chain issues.

The Cold Chain Federation represents businesses that run the temperature-controlled supply chain in the UK.

Shane Brennan told the Commons transport committee earlier today that: “Whereas normally it’d be get as much out as possible, to sell as much as possible, to make as much revenue as possible for customers that time, we’re having to sort of scale that ambition back to try and deliver what we absolutely can.”

“It’s not about shortages, it’s about simplifying,” he explained. “So having less range obviously is one of the key decisions you can make in trying to make supply chains more efficient.

“And it’s about reducing the amount of goods you’re expected to put on the shelves and then working with the customer base to actually make that clear.

“We are very good at piling high and selling cheap at Christmas time. What we have to do is strategically scale that back in order to meet the promise that there will be the stuff you expect to see on the shelves, but not necessarily all the extras.