Suella Braverman, the attorney general for England and Wales, has hit out at “Blairite” human rights laws.

She also said she would like to see the Conservative Party scrap its tree logo for the torch of liberty.

The torch logo was used during Margaret Thatcher’s premiership and ditched under David Cameron. 

Speaking to the online blog Conservative Home, Braverman also said she also is against a one-off windfall tax on energy firm profits, and praised erstwhile Brexit minister Lord Frost.

She said she would like Lord Frost, who she described as a “good friend”, as “a colleague in the Commons”. 

Braverman also stated that the government planned to to “stamp” out the “long tail of Blairism”, of which she included “creations like the Human Rights Act and the equalities agenda, which has built up a whole industry of people who make their living from rights-based claims”.

She said these legal innovations had resulted in a “a feeble approach to common sense, decency, British values”.

She also criticised “genocidal talk from political leaders in Russia,” during the ongoing war in Ukraine.

Braverman was first elected as the Conservative MP for Fareham in 2015, being reelected in 2019 with a majority of 26,086.

Braverman was appointed Attorney General in 2020, having previously served as Under Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union in 2018. She resigned in protest at Theresa May’s then Brexit deal.

She has made headlines in recent days after criticising the ECJ’s oversight in the Northern Ireland Protocol, telling Sky News that “The European Court of Justice should not be the final arbiter of disputes between the UK and the EU”.