PM criticised for dodging cervix question

The Prime Minister has been criticised for appearing to dodge questions over gender self-identification.

During an interview with GB News ahead of his keynote conference address, Mr Johnson was asked: “Keir Starmer last week said it is not right to say that only women have a cervix do you agree?”

He replied: “What I think about this is biology is very important, but we have a system now in our country for many many years in which people can change gender.
“We help them to do that and what I absolutely passionately believe, and I fought for this for a long time, is everybody should be treated with dignity and respect.

Author and trade unionist Paul Embery, who regularly appears on GB News, strongly criticised Mr Johnson’s response, and implied a divide between perspectives between the general public and politicians on the issue, saying: “If the public were asked “Do only women have a cervix?”, I suspect a clear majority would say yes. If all MPs were asked the same question, I suspect most would either say no or fudge the question – thus demonstrating the deep chasm between ordinary people & the political class.”

The Conservative party has also been criticised by trans rights activists for permitting the LGB Alliance to attend the conference. The group says it campaigns for those “whose rights in law are based on sexual orientation not gender identity”.