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07:42, 17 Nov MPs say fraud & error in benefit system almost doubled during pandemic 07:26, 17 Nov Certain second jobs give MPs ‘real-world’ experience, says free market group 07:10, 17 Nov Local control over housing decisions can boost building, says new report 16:11, 16 Nov Boris Johnson backs Labour’s call to ban MP consultant jobs 15:15, 16 Nov Ex-Tory leader calls for boycott of 2022 Beijing Olympics due to human rights abuses 14:44, 16 Nov Paterson motion passes without objection 14:15, 16 Nov SNP shadow leader urges Rees Mogg to resign 13:48, 16 Nov Rees-Mogg said Paterson’s personal tragedy ‘clouded’ government’s judgment 13:30, 16 Nov No 10 welcomes Germany’s suspension of Nord Stream 2 approval 13:16, 16 Nov Labour slam Gove for helping personal donor get £50 million in PPE contracts 12:55, 16 Nov Elgin Marbles a matter for the British Museum not govt, says No 10 12:02, 16 Nov An ‘absolute scandal’ that UK binned 600,000 jabs, says Thornberry 11:30, 16 Nov William Hague says ‘standards have changed’ in light of Stanley Johnson allegation 10:50, 16 Nov Reforms to child age assessments in Nationalities and Border Bill to be investigated 10:28, 16 Nov MPs launch inquiry into regulation of social housing in England 10:00, 16 Nov Govt must not get complacent over employment problems, say Lib Dems 09:45, 16 Nov MPs to debate Paterson suspension motion again this evening 09:30, 16 Nov Shadow home secretary suggests judge-led inquiry into ‘lone wolf’ attackers 09:15, 16 Nov ‘People’s lives are being put in danger’ by channel crossings, says minister