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10:07, 26 May John Baron MP says Boris Johnson ‘no longer enjoys’ his support 09:18, 26 May Lisa Nandy says Partygate reveals ‘rot at the top’ 18:01, 25 May Julian Sturdy becomes the next MP to call on Boris to go 17:33, 25 May Archbishop of Canterbury weighs in on partygate 16:52, 25 May Leader of Scottish Conservatives calls for Boris to step down when the war in Ukraine ends 10:45, 25 May Britain close to ‘eliminating’ low pay by 2024 09:10, 25 May Standards committee drops plea to limit time MPs hours in second jobs 08:36, 25 May Rail union bosses take home £500,000 in pay and perks 17:09, 24 May NPCC release ‘action plan’ to become ‘anti-racist police service’ 16:24, 24 May Developed world’s over-consumption destroying children’s environments, says report 15:04, 24 May No 10 ‘insiders’ claim ‘routine’ Covid rule-breaking  14:17, 24 May Energy price cap to jump to £2,800 from October 13:01, 24 May PM urged to hand Sue Gray meeting minutes to Privileges Committee 12:02, 24 May Truss condemns ‘shocking’ Uyghur targeting following document leak 11:30, 24 May UK borrowing fourth highest on record as tax take rockets to £50bn 10:01, 24 May Conservative MPs demand PM ‘explain’ further ‘partygate’ photo leak 09:11, 24 May Shapps ‘disappointed’ by photo leak but denies PM was ‘partying’ 17:33, 23 May Photo of Boris Johnson drinking at alleged lockdown gathering released 17:19, 23 May UK’s attractiveness for business plummeting, warns landmark survey