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12:16, 26 Nov £30m aid cuts to Southern Africa must be reversed to tackle new variant, say Lib Dems 11:49, 26 Nov Minister for Africa & Armed Forces Minister visit Senegal 11:35, 26 Nov DfE vow to crack down on poor pupil attendance 11:04, 26 Nov Government extends free period product scheme for schools and colleges 10:27, 26 Nov Johnson not behaving ‘seriously’, complains Macron 10:13, 26 Nov Parliamentarians launch inquiry into climate risks to UK national security 09:55, 26 Nov French fishermen to blockade Channel Tunnel today over fishing licenses row 09:34, 26 Nov Labour lose 2 seats to Conservatives in West Midlands local council elections 08:55, 26 Nov ‘Johnson’s Twitter diplomacy has backfired’, claim Lib Dems 08:40, 26 Nov Starmer says he has not spoken to Corbyn since 2020 suspension 08:25, 26 Nov Six African countries added to red list over new Covid variant 07:55, 26 Nov £5m launched to support suicide prevention services amidst soaring demand 07:26, 26 Nov Nick Fletcher’s Dr Who comments ‘straight out of the 1950s’, say Lib Dems 07:12, 26 Nov MPs to debate ‘groundbreaking’ Down Syndrome Bill 18:28, 25 Nov Government urge pregnant women to get covid vaccine 17:10, 25 Nov Starmer hits out at Patel over migrant crossings 16:25, 25 Nov Conservative MP links male violence to women playing male roles in films 13:45, 25 Nov Shadow defence secretary claims army restructuring breaks election promises 13:29, 25 Nov British Army to unveil most radical transformation in two decades, says MoD