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15:15, 14 Dec Airports trade body slams ‘expensive’ and ‘burdensome’ new travel testing rules 14:20, 14 Dec Three shadow cabinet ministers test positive for Covid ahead of Plan B vote 13:36, 14 Dec Top education figures criticise pandemic’s disruption to school attendance 12:56, 14 Dec People facing ‘impossible decisions’ ahead of Xmas due to benefit caps, say charity 11:59, 14 Dec Two Pfizer doses just 70% effective against severe illness, says new study 10:47, 14 Dec MoJ must tackle court backlog rather than ‘politicise’ human rights, says Labour 09:05, 14 Dec PM ‘no longer trusted’ on Covid, says Labour 08:45, 14 Dec Senior Tory MP argues that booster rollout risks already ‘exhausted’ NHS 08:20, 14 Dec End of furlough increased economic inactivity, says IES 07:33, 14 Dec MPs to compare UK and Australia online safety legislation 07:07, 14 Dec ‘We’re going to need a bigger Navy’, say MPs 19:15, 13 Dec Keir Starmer – ‘Shared national duty to get vaccinated’ 17:44, 13 Dec Double vaccination exemption will require booster update, health secretary confirms 16:45, 13 Dec Boris Johnson expresses ‘deep concern’ to Putin over Ukraine 15:18, 13 Dec Almost half ‘outstanding’ schools downgraded by Ofsted England 14:05, 13 Dec Foreign Secretary hosts Western Balkan leaders amid Bosnia tensions 12:48, 13 Dec PM denies breaking Covid rules in wake of leaked quiz photo 12:06, 13 Dec MPs launch inquiry on trade with developing countries 11:18, 13 Dec ‘Illiberal’ Covid passes won’t work, claims former minister