No 10 refuses to give deadline for Article 16 being triggered

Downing Street has confirmed that “Intensified talks” are to continue between the EU and UK in order to resolve ongoing disputes regarding the the Northern Ireland Protocol.

The Prime Minister’s official spokesperson has said this afternoon that the government  would not give a deadline for talks to continue until, but claimed that the UK remained eager to reach an agreement.

“There are significant gaps between our positions,” he said, referring to the July command paper in which Brexit minister Lord Frost said all the conditions to trigger Article 16 had already been fulfilled.

“But again, we are going to be continuing talks, intensified talks, between the two teams to try and find a consensual solution,” he went, adding: “I wouldn’t say seek to put a time limit on it. I think the most important thing is to not place a time limit on it which could hinder potential progress.”