Liz Truss blasted for £500k private jet journey to Australia

Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has received criticism after it emerged she took a £500,000 private jet journey Australia.

First reported by The Independent this morning, the Ministerial Code indicates that only the Foreign Secretary themselves could authorise such a decision.

Business class flights between London and Sydney are scheduled daily.

Labour’s deputy leader Angela Rayner slammed the decision via Twitter, writing: “Liz Truss shows the public exactly quite how little respect this Conservative Government has for taxpayer’s money.

“It is obscene that Government Ministers are jet setting, yet are hiking taxes and refusing to do anything to help working families feeling the pinch.”

Liberal Democrat Business Spokesperson Sarah Olney MP said Ms Truss should apologise, arguing: “This is a staggering waste of taxpayer’s cash at a time many families are feeling the pinch.

“Once again we see just how out of touch this Conservative government truly is to the millions of people struggling to get by.