Leader of Scottish Conservatives calls for Boris to step down when the war in Ukraine ends

In the light of the publication of the Gray report into ‘partygate’ this lunchtime, the leader of the Scottish Conservatives, Douglas Ross MP, has stated that the prime minister should step down when the war in Ukraine ends.

This appears to be the third position that Mr Ross has taken on the future of the prime minister, having initially called for the PM to resign, then reversing this view after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and now taking this new line.

Speaking to Sky News this afternoon, Douglas Ross MP said, “The report that we have seen from Sue Gray today reveals details that no one can be comfortable with. It is a very damaging report that highlights a culture that is not acceptable at any time, let alone when the rest of us were locked down”.

Mr Ross had previously said he had submitted a letter of no confidence in Boris Johnson.

In a clear statement of hostility to the prime minister, Mr Ross said of the war in Ukraine, “That has been the only reason to withdraw my letter” adding, “The prime minister does not have my unqualified support”.

Indicating that he would now reverse his approach once the war in Ukraine was over, Mr Ross said, “I changed my position because of the war in Ukraine, therefore if the war in Ukraine is over, then the prime minister doesn’t have the same support that he does at the moment, not just from me, but from other MPs who have called for him to resign”….“Then I think he should step down, Yes”.

A very large number of Conservative MSPs in Holyrood have already called on the prime minister to resign, as has the party’s former leader north of the border, Ruth Davidson.