Keir Starmer reportedly considering axing Angela Rayner’s deputy leadership role

A report in the The Mail on Sunday reveals that Sir Keir’s advisers have discussed abolishing Angela Rayner’s deputy leader position. 

A senior party insider told the newspaper that the “nuclear option” of ditching the position was revived earlier this year – including at a meeting attended by Sir Keir.

However, it is widely considered that the plan, which require backing at a party conference, would never be supported by trade union leaders or the wider party membership. 

Last night, Sir Keir’s spokeswoman denied there had been any discussions on abolishing the deputy leader post or plans to do so.

Starmer and Rayner’s relationship took a further nose-dive last week after Labour’s deputy leader was left blindsided by the surprise shadow Cabinet reshuffle. Rayner was giving a long-planned speech on standards and “Tory sleaze” when the news broke of an impending reshuffle.