Group for people with learning disabilities blast Lichfield MP for refusing to apologise over slur use

A group for people with learning disabilities have said they felt “let down” by Lichfield MP Michael Fabricant after he allegedly used the word “remonger” online.

The group ‘Friends 2 Friends’ demonstrated in Speakers’ Corner, Hyde Park earlier this week, where they recorded several videos in which they protested Mt Fabricant’s remarks.

Mr Fabricant defended his comments, saying: “You shouldn’t be upset – the phrase coined by someone else was about ‘remainers’ scaremongering (not unusual) as was very clear from their tweet.”

However the group rejected his explanation, calling him “naive”.

In a statement, they said: “You may think that we shouldn’t be upset but the fact of the matter is we are.

“If you are naive enough to think that the word derived from ‘scaremongering’ based on some of the other tweets on the profile [he was replying to] then perhaps you shouldn’t be on twitter – after all, it’s not the first time you’ve been in trouble is it?

“We invite you to come to our group to meet with the members that you are supposed to represent, as these are the ones you’ve let down the most as our MP.”