Conservative MPs will be whipped to vote against standards reform

This afternoon Conservative MPs be instructed to support a motion that will see the vote that quashed Owen Paterson’s 30-day suspension, overturned.

A fresh motion to undo Leadsom Amendment will be put forward by the government today.

Conservative party co-chair Oliver Dowden told Times Radio earlier today that Tory MPs will be told to support the vote, and said that he doubted “there will be much controversy about it”.

The new motion, a key victory for opposition MPs and Conservative rebels, is expected to pass when the House returns from recess today.

Owen Paterson resigned his North Shropshire seat in parliament following a heavy Commons backlash against the previous blocking of his suspension by the initial vote.

The Leader of the House of Commons Jacon Rees-Mogg confirmed last week that today’s government motion would rescind the resolution and order from the 3rd November; approve the standards committee report which found Owen Paterson guilty of “paid advocacy”; and acknowledge that Owen Paterson is no longer a member of the House.