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18:13, 08 Dec ‘Plan B’ restrictions announced by Johnson 17:06, 08 Dec PM announces 6pm covid conference 16:42, 08 Dec Borders bill passes third reading 15:47, 08 Dec Allegra Stratton resigns from COP role 15:13, 08 Dec Poll finds that majority think Johnson should resign 14:00, 08 Dec No 10 refuses to say it will investigate alleged November lockdown party 13:27, 08 Dec PM jeered by Commons as he denies No 10 party claims in wake of bombshell clip 13:11, 08 Dec No plans for ministers to attend Beijing Olympics, says PM 12:00, 08 Dec Govt’s “broken food promises” will damage Britain’s global standing, claims MP 11:34, 08 Dec Government reportedly considering Plan B restrictions 10:58, 08 Dec Global political divisions highest in half a century, claims new study 10:20, 08 Dec Home Office has ‘wasted’ 5 years failing to establish national policing database 09:02, 08 Dec Introduce the right to ten days of domestic abuse leave annually, says think tank 08:20, 08 Dec Cummings claims lobby journalists attended No 10 bashes during lockdown 18:40, 07 Dec ‘Lack of leadership in the foreign office’ – Tom Tugendhat 17:55, 07 Dec Leaked letter casts doubt over Number 10 claims Boris Johnson ‘wasn’t involved’ in animal Afghan airlift 16:31, 07 Dec Top foreign office civil servant admits being on holiday until 11 days after Kabul fell 15:08, 07 Dec Trade unions say Covid vaccine patents disadvantage developing countries 12:34, 07 Dec Labour’s ‘Mother of the House’ Harriet Harman to step down as MP