The Week in Westminster: October 29th – November 2nd

By Alex Gangitano

Among the many issues being debated by parliamentarians this week are two of vital importance to the country: the economy, and… beer.




Questions- Education

Legislation- Public service pensions bill

Adjournment debate- transitional relief to local authorities


Business- Foreign and commonwealth office

Ten Minute Rule Motion- Protection of workers

Legislation- Growth and infrastruture bill

Adjournment- Private carers


Questions- International Development

Prime Minister's Question Time

Ten Minute Rule Motion- European Union Free Movement Directive 2004

Legislation- Local Government Finance Bill

Motion- To approve European documents relating to EU budget simplification and the Multi Annual Financial Framework

Adjournment- Review of firearms controls


Questions- Energy and Climate Change

Business Statement- Leader of the House

Backbench Business- Debate on a motion relating to the beer duty escalator

Adjournment- Death of Rhiya Malin


Legislation- Antarctic Bill

Legislation- Presumption of Death Bill

Legislation- Cosmetic Surgery (Minimum Standards) Bill

Legislation- Smoke-free Private Vehicles Bill

Legislation- Transparency in UK Company Supply Chains (Eradication of Slavery) Bill

Legislation- Bank of England (Appointment of Governor) Bill

Adjournment- Reductions of funding for fire services in London




Questions- Funding to small and medium-sized enterprises

Questions- Alcohol-related illness among the over-65s

Questions- A geological disposal facility for nuclear waste in the UK

Questions- possible delays in publication of the Iraq Inquiry report

Legislation- Electoral registration and administration bill

Debate- Police and crime commissioner elections


Questions- Use of private military and security companies and its effect upon the UK’s reputation

Questions- Report of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe

Questions- Reducing the number of people sleeping on the streets of London

Legislation- Crime and Courts Bill

Short Debate- Implementation and impact of the Building Stability Overseas Strategy



Questions- Closure of the Ingram National Park Visitor Centre in the Breamish Valley in Northumberland

Questions- Objectives and work of the Centre for Creativity, Regulation, Enterprise and Technology

Questions- Increasing the number of allotments

Legislation- Electoral Registration and Administration Bill

Short Debate- Challenges faced by the Welsh economy


Questions- Reassessment the Flood Defence Programme

Questions- Preventing the spread of the Schmallenberg virus across the UK

Questions- Resolution of the status of refugees currently in Camp Liberty, Iraq

Debate- The future of the police service in light of the new governance structure

Debate- Making better use of the skills and experience of House of Lords Members in performing core functions of the House

Short Debate- Future role of Her Majesty’s Reserve Forces



15:30- Defence on: Securing the Future of Afghanistan

15:45- Home Affairs on: Drugs


9:30- Education: Careers guidance for young people

10:15- Draft Enhanced Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures Bill


14:00- Political and Constitutional Reform on: Do we need a constitutional convention for the UK?