The worst MPs on Twitter: Two – Michael Meacher

Two: Michael Meacher



Entertaining 2
Informative 3
Engaging with constituents 0
Regularity 1

Old Labour MP Michael Meacher uses his Twitter account to assemble as unsurprising a collection of views as you'll find anywhere outside of North Korea, and indeed the similarities do not end there. Many accounts stay within the parameters of their political tribe but still provide interesting and revealing commentary on politics. Meacher's problem is the narrow pool of writing he draws from. The account is comprised almost entirely of articles from the website Left Future and, well, himself. There's also the distinct whiff of authoritarianism. Meacher makes no effort to engage with his followers and doesn't partake in debate. It is just the repeated statement of his views and those of the tiny coterie of people who interest him. He might as well lock himself in an empty room and stick post-it notes all over it.

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