The worst MPs on Twitter: Seven – Julian Smith

Seven: Julian Smith



Entertaining 3
Informative 4
Engaging with constituents 1
Regularity 3

Almost brazen in its tepidness. Smith's Twitter account is exactly as Lynton Crosby would want it, with predictable and on-message party political attacks. Perhaps he really believes it all. Perhaps this is his real personality. Perhaps his dinner parties are spent braying and shouting, like a tiny PMQs. Or perhaps he is just doing what he is told, desperately hoping it will bag him a ministerial career. Either way it is insipid and dull. The boredom is interrupted only by endless retweets of Cameron, Hague, Osborne and Hunt. If you stripped out all the tweets about Miliband being weak and the BBC being biased, you'd find an empty shell.

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