The best MPs on Twitter: Seven – Sarah Wollaston

Seven: Sarah Wollaston



Entertaining 6
Informative 9
Engaging with constituents 2
Regularity 3

Wollaston is something of a media darling in parliament. She is seen as the embodiment of what MPs could be if more open primaries were held – namely, independent and principled. The doctor is not afraid to speak out against her party leadership either, especially on issues of public health. She is neither funny nor warm, but she more than makes up for it by being concise, informative and autonomous. "R.I.P. public health," she wrote when the government dropped plain cigarette packs. "A day of shame for this government; the only winners big tobacco, big alcohol and big undertakers." Earlier, she tweeted: "Adding more guns cannot bring peace to #Syria ; I won't be voting for it." She is not reticent in praising those across the aisle, either. "Alan Johnson's memoir should remind that union experience is an important way of delivering fantastic MPs, a shame #Unite has undermined," she wrote.  Unpredictable, well-read and intelligent: Wollaston is a force to be reckoned with.

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