The political week on Twitter: June 11th – 15th

Compiled by Cassie Chambers

A loss of memory is spreading like wildfire among Britain top institutions and individuals this week.

First to succumb to the mysterious illness was prime minister David Cameron. Ways his condition manifested itself? Forgetting both his daughter and convenient details.


Next on the list of forgetful folks is the Labour party, whose infighting over GMB and Progress forces us to question if they've forgotten the golden rule: if you can't say something nice, better keep your mouth shut.

Then again, we love a good family feud, so maybe we can overlook this memory slip.

Third up on our list is the school council that banned a nine-year-old's meal blog. Surely someone told them that censoring school kids is bad for PR? At least the response from the twittersphere makes us pretty sure they won't forget this basic lesson again anytime soon.

Think prayer is a cure for this widespread condition? Think again. Even the Church of England isn’t immune from the epidemic, as this tweet pointed out.




So there you go: proof of a mysterious memory-eating illness among Britian's leadership. We certainly hope it's not contagious. In the meantime, we're donning protective gloves and face masks before going anywhere near politics this weekend.