Chris Bryant: Now is the time to take action on phone hacking

Chris Bryant, MP for Rhondda, opens the phone hacking debate in the Commons:

"The whole of the political system in this country didn't take action. Now is our time to do so."

Chris Bryant on Rebekah Brooks, News International chief executive:

"I know News of the World are hanging Coulson out to dry on this, but surely the buck stops at the top and that's the chief executive.

"God knows if it was a minister this was happening to she would be demanding their head on a plate."

Chris Bryant on the media:

"We live, we die by what they show. We have let the PCC delude us into thinking it is genuinely independent. We have let one man have far too great a sway over our national life. At least Berlusconi lives in Italy. Murdoch doesn't even pay tax here. America, the home of the aggressive entrepeneur doesn't allow it. We shouldn't."