Archive of 12 September 2006

MPs warned the government focus on "hard skills" is leading to course closures

MPs warn over adult education course closures

Adult learning courses across the country could be closed because of the government's focus on "skills and employability", a group of MPs has warned.

  • Public health chiefs say smoking and obesity schemes are not getting enough cash

    Public health funds 'being raided'

    Funds meant for tackling long-term health problems are being spent on filling gaps elsewhere in the NHS, public health experts have warned.

  • The NEC have defended Union-Labour funding links

    NEC chief defends Labour funding

    The head of Labour's national executive committee (NEC) has warned the Conservatives must not succeed in cutting his party's financial links to the trade unions.

  • Peter Hain also said he supported Gordon Brown as Labour leader

    Hain launches deputy leadership bid

    Peter Hain has today launched his campaign for the deputy leadership of the Labour party - and expressed his full support for Gordon Brown as leader.

  • Health secretary Patricia Hewitt denies 'privatisation' claims

    Hewitt defends NHS sell-off

    Patricia Hewitt has defended the sell-off of the NHS delivery firm, insisting staff and services will benefit from the move.

  • Tony Woodley was one of the trade union leaders to condemn Blair's TUC speech

    Unions send Blair off in disgrace

    Union leaders have universally condemned Tony Blair's speech to the TUC in Brighton today, seeing it only as the final words of a defeated prime minister.

  • TUC delegates in Brighton vote to back trade union freedom bill

    TUC backs trade union freedom bill

    The trade unions have today given their support to a new bill that would restore to them all the rights to strike and organise that Margaret Thatcher took away.

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