PM ‘has to consider his position’ says former standards committee chair

Sir Alistair Graham, the former chairman of the committee on standards in public life, told LBC that Boris Johnson “really has to consider his position” if he deliberately misled Lord Geidt when he said he didn’t know who was behind the refurb of the Downing Street flat.

Graham said: “As so I would have thought that if there is clear evidence of a deliberate misleading of Lord Geidt, then the prime minister really has to consider his position, if in fact he is in breach of both the Ministerial Code and the Seven Principles of Public Life

“Everybody seems to acknowledge now that he doesn’t like rules and he tends to ignore them.”

This comes after the Electoral Commission fined the Conservative party £18,000 for failing to declare donations.

Boris Johnson has denied knowing who had donated to the party, but texts reveal he had asked Lord Brownlow in November 2020 for more money for the Number 11 refurbishment.