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Government Food Strategy slammed as “wholly inadequate” by campaigners warning of a “national food emergency”

The Food and Work Network – a coalition of academics, public health professionals, trade unionists and community activists based at Birkbeck College, University of London – today slammed as “wholly inadequate” the Government’s Food Strategy,  arguing that “it’s time to declare a National Food Emergency” to reflect the gravity of the situation. The Network has… Read more »

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Unemployment rises but so does employment, as economic activity increases
Joblessness reaches six-year high

Unemployment has reached a six-year high, new figures show, with the number of people looking for work rising by 224,000 over the past year to 1.65 million. The number of people claiming Jobseekers’ allowance has also continued to rise – it now stands at just under one million people, up 5,900 since last month and… Read more »

Unions ‘stuck in the past’

The militancy that governs the words and actions of trade union leaders threatens to make the organisations “irrelevant”, a former TUC economics chief warns today. In a new pamphlet from the Fabian Society, David Coats warns that unions are “stuck in the past, fighting battles in a class war that is of little relevance to… Read more »