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MDU initiative sees foundation doctor members raise over £30,000 for the Royal Medical Benevolent Fund and the Doctors’ Support Network

Foundation Year 1 members (FY1) of the Medical Defence Union (MDU) have raised over £30,000 which will be divided between the Royal Medical Benevolent Fund and the Doctors’ Support Network, two charities which provide health, wellbeing and financial support to doctors and medical students across the UK. The MDU reduced the first-year subscription from £10 to £5 for… Read more »

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Government to take firmer stance on religious ‘conversion therapy’

Mike Freer, the Minister for Equalities, has confirmed that the Government’s proposed ban on so-called ‘conversion therapy’ will cover both practices that take place in religious settings and those that are carried out by ministers of religion. LGBT Humanists has previously called on the Government to close loopholes in its proposals on religious conversion therapy. Today it has welcomed… Read more »

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Tony Blair prepares for social exclusion announcement as Labour infighting continues
Blair attempts to return to business

Tony Blair is today beginning a two-day tour to look at local efforts to tackle social exclusion, as he attempts to regain the initiative after a weekend of Labour infighting. The prime minister is due to make a major speech on the issue tomorrow, where he will expand his proposals for targeting help and sanctions… Read more »

Supporters of Blair and Brown argue over Labour's future
Labour’s internal debate rages

Tony Blair’s departure from Downing Street continues to be the subject of intensive debate among prominent Labour politicians, who used the Sunday newspapers to play out the latest round of arguments between the two sides today. Blairites have argued that a fresh debate on Labour policy is required in the run-up to the next general… Read more »