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Review outcome could jeopardise wildlife management, warns BASC Scotland

BASC has expressed significant concerns about a number of elements which will be looked at as part of a Scottish Government review of NatureScot’s species licensing functions. BASC Scotland director Peter Clark said the review into NatureScot’s current licensing approach had the potential to affect the balance between predator control and wildlife management. He said… Read more »

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Huhne calls for UK to be world-leader on climate change
Lib Dems set out plans for carbon neutral Britain

The Liberal Democrats want to charge drivers to use motorways as part of a commitment to making Britain carbon neutral by 2050. Tolls on motorways and charges for lorry drivers would be used to fund a major upgrade of the rail network, including high speed train lines such as a London-Edinburgh link, under plans set… Read more »

Local schemes to target congestion
MPs get first say on road pricing

MPs will get their first chance to comment on road pricing as plans that would allow local pilot schemes are published by the Department for Transport (DfT). Measures to allow local authorities to launch pay-as-you-drive trials are included in the draft local transport bill, published by the government for consultation and parliamentary scrutiny. At least… Read more »