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Supervising provisionally registered dentists will increase workload and accountability, DDU says

The Dental Defence Union (DDU) has raised concerns about the increased workload and accountability for dentists taking on the supervision of provisionally registered colleagues who qualified overseas. Responding to Department of Health and Social Care provisional registration for overseas-qualified dentists the DDU says it has profound misgivings about whether the system being proposed is workable and practical from a workforce and patient safety… Read more »

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Cumbria Police on track to reduce the backlog

A commitment to tackle firearms licensing delays made during a meeting between BASC and Cumbria Police has been reinforced at a follow-up meeting. Cumbria Police revealed during the latest meeting with BASC that it is making rapid progress and has reduced its backlog of renewals by 57 per cent since the introduction of new resources in… Read more »

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How the UK can stop Chinese firms profiting from pain
How the UK can stop Chinese firms profiting from pain

This week I’ll speak at a cross-party event in Parliament calling on the UK government to act against Chinese companies complicit in the genocide of my people, the Uyghurs. Last month, the Health Secretary announced that Chinese surveillance firm, Hikvision, is banned from competing for new business with the Department of Health and Social Care…. Read more »

Labour slam 'risky' new foreign aid plans
Labour slam ‘risky’ new foreign aid plans

Labour have this afternoon criticised the foreign secretary’s plans for the future of UK international development. Labour’s shadow international development minister Preet Kaur Gill said the public would prefer an aid budget that was geared toward: “help[ing] those most in need around the world, not horse-traded for favours to big British corporations”. She went on:… Read more »