Tweeting Miliband reveals Labour vacancy - for Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole: Door opens to glittering new career. In politics
Cheryl Cole: Door opens to glittering new career. In politics

By Alex Stevenson

Ed Miliband may have found the solution to his leadership woes – Cheryl Cole.

The Labour leader's surprising enthusiasm for another troubled figure in the public eye, pop singer Cheryl Cole, came during a farcical chat with Twitter users.

"Now that Cheryl Cole is unemployed will you give her a job as a Labour goodwill ambassador?" one user, AyseVeli1979, tweeted.

Mr Miliband replied: "Great idea. Would love to have Cheryl doing stuff for us."

He also revealed his preference for blueberry muffins over the chocolate chip kind and denied the suggestion that the white patch in his hair was a "DIY job". SpideyAndMickey had suggested: "You and David have a paint fight?"

Mr Miliband replied: "Genuine white patch. Age I am afraid...."

The #AskEdM hashtag quickly dominated the Twitter feeds of political types and soon became the second most popular topic on the microblogging site in Britain.

Mr Miliband's contributions were swamped by a mixture of inane, insulting and – occasionally – serious questions.

His inability to answer even a fraction of the questions may have backfired. JonahOliver tweeted: "I'll be a first-time voter in 2015. Your refusal to answer any of my questions has just lost you any chance of winning my vote."


#AskEdM question highlights

@MTPT: #AskEdM If a train leaves Paddington at 1136, carrying 200 commuters, what time will the RMT bring it to a standstill?

@guidofawkes: So @Ed_Miliband Do you feel bad about stabbing your brother in the back? #AskEdM

@amyinlondon: #AskEdM When getting measured for a suit, do you dress left or right?

@MTPT: #AskEdM Who came up with #AskEdM, and where can we contribute to their leaving present?

@RopesToInfinity: #AskEdM are you going to do anything to ensure people know that Sleep's 'Jerusalem' and 'Dopesmoker' are essentially the same album?

@Hugo_S86: Do you plan to do anything about your hair? #askedm

@obotheclown: #askEdM Which is your favourite Spice Girl?

@Mejuliemorgan: Whatcha gonna do? Are you gonna get down? Whatcha gonna do? Are you gonna get down? (now you say "Get Down On It) #AskEdM

@_millymoo: To the digital moron who came up with #AskEdM...did Brown, biscuits and Mumsnet teach you chaps nothing?

@danielrhamilton: What's your view on neo-endogenous classical growth theory? #AskEdM

@eversotired: #askEdM Have you ever attended a Bunga-Bunga party

@Big_Batty: Is it true the Archbishop of Jo'burg prevented damage to his testicles because of his extensive knowledge of English Test Cricket? #askedm

@Emperorbevis: How many snooker balls can you fit in your mouth? #AskEdM

@Hilary_W: #AskEdM Is it true that all your features fled to the middle of your face because they're afraid of your hair and chin?

@MKHLibDems: Do you prefer "kickin' in the front seat" or "sittin' in the back seat"? #askEdM

@nickstfc: #askEdM What shall I have for my tea tonight?


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