Small business, big ambition – FSB election manifesto 2017


Small business, big ambition – FSB election manifesto 2017

There are more than 5.5 million small businesses across the UK, with thousands in every constituency.

We’re calling on the next government to do everything it can to support them, because small businesses drive the economy, job creation and growth.

1. Secure a pro-business Brexit

Help small businesses trade easily with the EU and reach new non-EU markets.

Allow EU citizens to stay and work and create a future employer-focused EU immigration system.

2. Create a level playing field

Stop the worst practices of late/poor payments from large firms.

Include micro-businesses in any energy bill cap, and introduce a new ‘small business commitment’ for public sector procurement contracts.

3. Improve working lives

Promote self-employed entrepreneurship; don’t tax it. And co-fund apprenticeships through the next parliament for non-levy payers.

4. Drive down the cost of doing business

Commission an independent inquiry to reform business rates before 2022 and implement a targeted Employment Allowance uprating to £4,000 to help with rising labour costs.

5. Build opportunity for every area across the UK

Through reformed Local Enterprise Partnerships in England and new partnerships with devolved administrations post-Brexit. And new community protections for small businesses with landlords and developers.

Small business, big ambition – a business plan for Britain.

To find out more, visit: #FSB2017