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"Rees-Mogg is not a principled man, he is a man who picks and chooses his religious beliefs to suit him."

Week in review: The likes of Jacob Rees-Mogg pick and choose their religious beliefs to suit them

Rees-Mogg seems to have no trouble rejecting his church's teachings when it comes to the poor

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  • CPAG: Surviving welfare reform

    Manchester: Thursday 5 September 2013: Due to demand, and to ensure accessibility to as many people as possible, we are now hosting our Welfare Rights Conference in both the North and South of the country. We hope that this will give more people the opportunity to attend, keeping travel and accommodation costs to a minimum.

  • Bakers Food & Allied Workers Union Welfare Statement

    The ideology of cuts affecting the most vulnerable people in our society is totally out of character for a nation that traditionally prides itself on bringing support to those in crisis. Over the years, the UK has led the way in terms of people and organisations who have gone way beyond the call of duty in terms of supporting others and treating them with the dignity and respect they deserve. This is a country that after years of struggle, made health, education and general wellbeing a basic human right. READ ON.

  • CPAG: Welfare myths are not based on fact - and people are starting to see it

    Ministers turned on charities and faith groups this week to discredit concerns over their welfare reforms. They know they cannot sustain public support when welfare myths are simply not based in fact.

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