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Will coalition welfare reforms hurt or help the disabled?

Sympathy for the scrounger? How austerity is shaping the welfare reform debate

The public's suspicion of benefit 'scroungers' seems to be fading - potentially giving critics of the coalition's welfare reforms a louder voice in the debate.

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  • CPAG: Surviving welfare reform

    Manchester: Thursday 5 September 2013: Due to demand, and to ensure accessibility to as many people as possible, we are now hosting our Welfare Rights Conference in both the North and South of the country. We hope that this will give more people the opportunity to attend, keeping travel and accommodation costs to a minimum.

  • CPAG: Introduction to welfare rights

    This week-long course is aimed at advisers, social workers, probation workers, health and housing workers and others new to welfare benefit advice work. This course is designed to give participants an understanding of the structure of the benefit and tax credit system, ability to identify the issues that may affect entitlement and an appreciation of the importance of advice and advocacy. The emphasis is on tackling benefit questions through case studies, including how to calculate entitlements, and providing participants with the chance to practise using CPAG’s Welfare Benefits and Tax Credits Handbook.

  • PCS: Government undermining pensions negotiations

    PCS says the government's announcement this morning about public sector pension contributions makes a mockery of the ongoing negotiations and proves that the government is determined to make people pay more and work longer in return for smaller pensions.

  • PCS: Welfare plans mean 'big profits for big business'

    Plans by the government to further 'open up' the welfare state will simply mean "big profits for big business" the Public and Commercial Services union says.

  • Cable: 'Very good news for pensioners'

    Cable announces pensions shake-up

    Vince Cable has implied radical plans for pension reform, in a bid to simplify the existing system.

  • Tough choices: Hughes is not comfortable with plans on housing benefit

    Hughes draws a line in the sand

    Simon Hughes has drawn a line in the sand on the row over the spending review, saying Lib Dems would vote against changes to housing benefit unless there are major changes.

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