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Uk wants international flights in trading scheme
UK pushes stricter EU emissions trading scheme

The UK is pushing for EU restrictions in aviation emissions to include international flights entering European airspace. America has criticised proposals to include international flights in the EU ‘cap and trade’ emissions scheme, arguing the EU does not have this authority. Following the assembly of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), the transport secretary Ruth… Read more »

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Environment secrectary Hilary Benn introduces plans to phase-out inefficient light bulbs.
Low energy bulbs light the way to green future

Traditional light bulbs are to be phased-out as part of efforts to control climate change. Environment secretary Hilary Benn announced today major retailers and energy suppliers have launched a voluntary initiative to phase out high energy light bulbs and replace them with low-energy alternatives. The government wants to see all traditional lightbulbs phased out by… Read more »

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