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Satellite technology is viewed as a big growth area in the UK's space sector

Swindon, we have a problem: UK 'underfunding' galactic-sized space ambitions

MPs have expressed concern after discovering Britain's booming space sector, which the government hopes will grow fourfold by 2030, is being overseen by just 44 staff - mostly based in Swindon.

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  • Space 'tourism' - time for a name change?

    The death of a test pilot in SpaceShipTwo will not be the last fatality in commercial spaceflight – argues Tim Robinson – if we want to keep pushing the boundaries. Is it time ‘space tourism’ was renamed?

  • From zero to hero - Beagle 2 to Exo Mars

    Following the discovery of the ‘lost’ Beagle 2 lander on the surface of Mars, Bill Read reports on how the 2003 UK space mission came much closer to success than previously realised and how the UK is a key player in the forthcoming ESA ExoMars missions to the Red Planet.

  • How your career can take off

    Careers FLIGHTPATH LIVE brought together the Royal Aeronautical Society's industry partners with high calibre individuals – from students to professionals – seeking a career in aerospace or aviation.

  • IET: Revolution in space flight coming soon

    Space tourism is just around the corner according to an international space expert

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