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Parliament breaks up for Christmas today

PMQs sketch: End-of-term truce disarms Harman

Perhaps seized by the festive spirit, William Hague seemed determined to avoid confrontation in the final PMQs of 2009.

  • Neither Brown nor Cameron came out with flying colours

    PMQs sketch: On the wrong foot

    Usually by this time on a parliamentary Wednesday the party leaders are relaxing after their weekly Commons ordeal. Perhaps this was why this week's prime minister's questions was a choppy, queasy affair.

  • Brown was startlingly personal

    Sketch: Brown's awkward intimacy felt deeply disturbing

    Every so often leaders turn on the 'personal touch' to get them out of trouble. For Gordon Brown, a man who's prepared to whip out his moral compass at a moment's notice, there was only one response to his misspelling clanger.

  • Forget the eyes; ears hold the key

    Sketch: Leader's ears

    The leaders of Britain's three main political parties dared to appear together in public today, but their ears said more about them than their words.

  • Michael Martin, now a Lord, escapes expenses ordure

    Sketch: Ex-Speaker leaves expenses horrors behind

    Michael Martin, robed in ermine, giving his supporters a friendly thumbs-up: it's an image that will stick in the memory for some time. For most MPs, it's an image that will stick in the throat.

  • Chloe and Jacqui, from one Smith to another

    Sketch: The Smiths take their bows

    As Chloe entered, Jacqui bowed out. The Smiths summed up their parties' fortunes after 12 years of Labour government.

  • Not now, darling, he seemed to say to the British people

    Sketch: A diminished David

    David Cameron looked exhausted as he gave his leader's speech to the Conservative party conference. Maybe a long holiday might be better idea than a job in No 10.

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