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Rough history: MPs and private schools

By Ian Dunt They say Conservatives get in trouble because of sex, and Labour MPs get in trouble because of money. So it’s no surprise that Labour MPs are the ones who have found themselves in deep water when it comes to private education. There’s a very traditional story arc. Labour MP spends career making… Read more »

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Curriculum Bill passes stage one in Senedd

A Bill that will make religious education in Wales fully inclusive of humanism has passed the first stage before becoming law. Wales Humanists – which has long campaigned for this change – has strongly welcomed the news, saying the Bill will make Wales ‘a world-leader in inclusive education’. Following a debate, Senedd members today voted… Read more »

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Austria’s top court decriminalises assisted dying

Helping ‘seriously ill’ people to end their lives will no longer be a criminal offence in Austria, following a judgment from the country’s top court. Humanists UK, which campaigns for legal assisted dying across the UK, has welcomed the move as a victory for reason, compassion, and empathy. News of the decision comes just weeks after… Read more »

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Two public school boys
‘All MPs should send their children to state schools’

By staff MPs are duty-bound to send their children to state schools, according to the chairman of the Commons education and skills committee. Writing in today’s Fabian Review, Barry Sheerman, MP for Huddersfield, said party leaders should set an example with their children. “Elected representatives in public office should lead by example and send… Read more »