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A new report has said too many teachers have their careers ruined by being suspended unnecessarily
Government called on to ‘back’ teachers

By Liz Stephens Teachers facing accusations of misconduct should always be presumed innocent until proven guilty, an influential committee of MPs said today. A new report by the children, schools and families committee said too many teachers had their careers ruined by being suspended unnecessarily. It is “unsatisfactory” that no data was collected on how… Read more »

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Ofsted inspectors reported high levels of "trauma" in young children
Ofsted finds ‘worrying’ levels of sexual behaviour in young children

By Liz Stephens Schools have repeatedly suspended pupils as young as four for inappropriate sexual behaviour, an Ofsted inquiry has found. Investigating an increase in exclusions from primary schools, school inspectors unearthed high incidences of children touching other children inappropriately and using sexually explicit language as well as swearing, attacking staff and damaging property. The… Read more »