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The DfT has been criticised for missing targets on emissions and public transport use

DfT failing to meet targets

The Department for Transport (DfT) has been sharply criticised for missing targets on emissions and public transport use.

  • The government is set to reject calls to scrap road pricing plans

    Govt stands firm on road pricing

    More than a million Britons have signed a petition calling for an end to proposed schemes to charge people according to how far they drive.

  • Transport secretary Douglas Alexander backs national road tolls

    Road tolls 'within ten years'

    Controversial national road tolls could be introduced within a decade, transport secretary Douglas Alexander has revealed.

  • MPs say speed cameras must not replace traffic police

    MPs demand more traffic officers

    Speed cameras cannot replace road traffic police in promoting safety and more officers must be put back on patrol, MPs have warned today.

  • London buses are regulated and have seen passenger numbers rise

    Bus deregulation 'isn't working'

    The past 20 years of deregulation in the bus service have shown that it does not work and cannot be made to work, MPs have warned.

  • Tory policy review group proposes radical changes to rules of the road

    Tories propose new road rules

    Motorists should be allowed to turn left even when the traffic lights are red, a Conservative party review group has proposed.

  • Chris Huhne unveils the Liberal Democrats' policies on green taxation

    Lib Dems call for £2,000 car tax

    Drivers of the most polluting cars would have to pay up to £2,000 a year in car tax under new proposals unveiled by the Liberal Democrats.

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