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Government is planning a pilot scheme banning smoking in prisons

'It'll be hell': The view from inside prison about a smoking ban

The government is planning on a pilot scheme banning smoking in prisons

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  • NARPO: Reaction to Riots

    The National Association of Retired Police Officers offers our support to our serving colleagues during these difficult times. We know, as they do, the difficulties of dealing with rampant youths who are out of control on the streets of Britain. Holding the line against wanton criminality is what the police have been doing.

  • NUT: Anthony Walker Memorial Lecture - Born To Be Great

    This year the fifth Anthony Walker Memorial Lecture* will be hosted in partnership with Bristol City Council. The guest speaker will be Dr Adolph Cameron, General Secretary of the Jamaica Teachers’ Association. In light of the recent riots in England, Dr Cameron will look at why so many young black people do not gain the education they deserve and what we need to do about it.

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