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Tony Nicklinson died naturally after losing his high court case last year

Right-to-die campaigners are wasting their time

Parliament is deeply sceptical about changing the law - and might even legislate against euthanasia it if it had to.

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  • BHA: Right to die with dignity is a fundamental human right

    The 'right to die' cases of Jane Nicklinson and Paul Lamb will be heard at the Supreme Court this week.

  • Paul Lamb to bring new legal case for the right to die

    Paul Lamb, paralysed from the neck down, is bringing a new legal case against the Secretary of State for Justice, challenging the law on assisted dying in the UK. He is being supported by Humanists UK and represented by law firm, Leigh Day.

  • BHA: Humanists support a fair hearing in court for right-to-die case

    A severely paralysed man campaigning for a doctor to be permitted to lawfully end his life has won the right for his case to be heard. The British Humanist Association (BHA) has welcomed the ruling by the court, describing it as ‘important opportunity for a complex case to be fairly and properly considered’.

  • BHA: Court of appeal decision due over L's right to die

    The court of appeal will decide today at 2pm whether a man called 'L' can take over the late Tony Nicklinson's claim to establish the right to die. 'L' who is immobile after an accident in 1990 feels that he is trapped in his body, cannot enjoy or endure a life that is so monotonous and painful and lacking in autonomy. 'L' wishes a doctor to end his life and seeks the same declaration originally sought by Tony Nicklinson in the legal proceedings. The British Humanist Association have intervened in and are supporting both claims.

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