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Ten years later, compensation is finally coming for Equitable Life policyholders

End in sight for Equitable Life policyholders

Policyholders who lost money as a result of the near-collapse of Equitable Life ten years ago will receive compensation next year, the Treasury has confirmed.

  • Vince Cable wants to break up the banks

    Lib Dems plot to break up the banks

    The Liberal Democrats are the only party willing to adopt Barack Obama's stance towards the banking sector in the UK, Vince Cable will say today.

  • Tories say Obama's new policy mirrors theirs

    Tories lay claim to Obama policy

    George Osborne's claims that the Conservatives would mirror Barack Obama's new bank restrictions in government have left Labour claiming their reforms already have.

  • MPs worried by beer prices

    Pub prices irritate MPs

    Drinkers in Britain's pubs may be paying more for their beer because of ties between pub companies and their tenants, MPs have claimed.

  • Parliament undermined?

    MPs furious over 'flagrant' Equitable stance

    Opposition MPs are backing parliamentary ombudsman Ann Abraham after the government's refusal to give compensation to policyholders at Equitable Life.

  • Red tape getting worse, businesses say

    Red tape getting worse, businesses say

    Forty per cent of businesses say government regulation is now more time-consuming, according to a National Audit Office (NAO) report published today.

  • Lapdancing is enjoying a boom in the UK

    Lapdancing licensing reform call

    The government's consultation on lapdancing licensing comes to an end today, prompting further calls for reform from groups worried that current regulation is too light.

  • Competition Commisison takes on supermarkets

    Supermarkets to get ombudsman

    The Competition Commission (CC) has recommended appointing an ombudsman in its final report on the UK grocery market.

  • The NAO says some customers are being left behind

    Vulnerable consumers 'left behind'

    Removing price controls in energy, telecoms and postal markets has proved beneficial but some "vulnerable" consumers are being left behind, a report warns.

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