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Transparency? Campaigners are battling ahead of the May 5th referendum on AV.

Yes to AV accused of airbrushing black supporter

Campaigners for electoral reform are being accused of airbrushing out a black poet from their literature, as the debate over the referendum becomes increasingly heated.

  • Referendum will decide the next voting system in May

    28m leaflets boost referendum publicity

    Every UK household will receive information about upcoming elections on May 5th, in a bid to improve tepid interest in the electoral reform vote.

  • Huhne: AV is `what Britain needs to clean up politics`.

    Huhne compares Warsi to Goebbels

    Chris Huhne has compared fellow Cabinet member Baroness Warsi to Josef Goebbels, as the debate over AV threatens to create a permanent rift in Cabinet.

  • On electoral reform, it seems, Labour supporters won't be backing Nick Clegg

    Parties on defensive over voting reform

    Leading government and opposition figures have come forward to defend their stance on the voting reform bill following Labour's U-turn.

  • Electoral reform will dominate debate in next year

    Analysis: The brutal battle to reform elections

    Electoral reform is set to transcend its spiritual home of political anoraks and policy wonks and be thrust into the public domain. Don't underestimate its important to the coalition - and the future of British politics.

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