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Brighter future? Coalition deals are on the horizen

Coalition government

Debate over a possible coalition government has reached fever pitch with opinion poll after opinion poll hinting at a hung parliament.

  • Face the camera: The first TV debates in British political history

    Leaders' debate

    The first live TV leaders' debates has taken place. What's your verdict?

  • Brown vs Cameron: The real right begins

    Poll: Election campaign

    Britain has finally entered the election campaign after months of unofficial manoeuvres.

  • Cuts continue to dominate the political agenda

    Spending cuts

    The debate over spending cuts continues to dominate the political agenda as the general election approaches.

  • MPs are concerned parliamentary privilege could be use to protect those on trial for their expenses.

    Parliamentary privilege

    Three Labour MPs and one Tory peer have had the whip suspended as they face trial allegedly fiddling their expenses.

  • Living in the UK? Lord Ashcroft's residency has prompted much debate in recent years.

    Lord Ashcroft

    A ruling from information commissioner Christopher Graham has given the Cabinet Office 35 days to end secrecy over Lord Ashcroft's residency status.

  • Blair will face tough questions over Iraq this week

    D-Day for Blair

    Tony Blair appears in front of the Iraq inquiry this week, as he finally answers criticism of the war.

  • Brown seems upbeat, is a shock result on the way?

    Revived Labour?

    A series of opinion polls have hinted at a resurgent Labour performance in the general election.

  • Is the Christmas recess too long?

    MPs' Christmas

    Parliament goes into recess on Wednesday December 16th for the Christmas break, and returns on Tuesday January 5th.

  • Mr Darling is facing irreconcilable political pressures

    Pre-Budget Report

    Speculation is rife about the Pre-Budget Report (PBR), which chancellor Alistair Darling is due to publish on Wednesday.

  • Bankers' bonuses are set for further scrutiny

    Bankers' pay

    Bankers' bonuses are under unprecedented scrutiny after government proposals and the Walker review put their remuneration in the spotlight.

  • The Iraq inquiry begins Tuesday

    Iraq inquiry

    The inquiry into the Iraq war, and the events leading up to it, will begin this week.

  • The Queen's Speech sets the agenda for the year ahead

    Queen's Speech

    The Queen's Speech will take place on Wednesday November 18th, signalling the start of the parliamentary year.

  • Thursday until Saturday will see strike action

    Postal strike

    Britain will go through a second consecutive week of postal strikes this week.

  • The expenses scandal brought parliament into disrepute

    Expenses return

    Parliament has returned, and with it, so has the expenses scandal.

  • Conservatives meet for autumn conference with election looming

    Conservative conference

    The Conservative party conference is being held in Manchester this year, as David Cameron mobilises his troops ahead of the coming general election.

  • This will be the last Labour conference before the general election

    Labour conference

    The Labour conference is being held in Brighton this year, with Gordon Brown desperately trying to drum up party unity ahead of a historic general election.

  • Could the UK be on the road to recovery?

    British recovery

    Hopes are rising that Britain's economic recovery may take place sooner than many analysts expected.

  • Troops fighting in Afghanistan

    Afghanistan equipment

    The government has been under fire for not supplying troops with enough equipment in Afghanistan. wants to know what you think. Should we even be there?

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