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The Political Week Online: Farage wins TV debate

Nigel Farage is declared the winner of #NickvNigel - but what is #FarageFacts? Marriage equality legislation comes into force. And is Ed Miliband weird?

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  • Queen B

    The Political Week Online: A hard knock life for MPs

    It's a hard knock life for MPs, being threatened with an 11% pay rise against your will. Plus gender segregation, DWP screw-ups, Home Office screw-ups, and the correct etiquette of the selfie.

  • Nelson Mandela dies

    The Political Week Online: A Week in December

    What a week. It started off with a young swimming star coming out, and ended up with an old civil rights icon reaching the end of his life. Somewhere in the middle, an editor was forced to defend his patriotism to a select committee. And the chancellor delivered his autumn statement.

  • How can you not trust me? Look at my eyebrows, man

    The Political Week Online: Back to school

    The post-summer political world resumes unchanged. Arguments kick off about Labour's relationship with trade unions. Iain Duncan Smith is accused of being crap. Tony Blair advocates war.

  • Aww.

    The Political Week Online: From Cyrus to Syria

    From Miley Cyrus's bum cheeks to war in Syria; from David Cameron's parliamentary humiliation to Dan Hodges leaving the Labour party, the internet has been a hot mess of news, views, and utter nonsense.

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