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One of the stormier PMQs - hardly the right atmosphere for forging a deal on party funding

No deal: Partisanship trumps party funding progress in PMQs cauldron

David Cameron and Ed Miliband roundly rejected each other's 'offers' to fix the party funding crisis in an especially hostile prime minister's questions this lunchtime.

  • It's not quite the Ashes, but prime minister's questions will have to do

    PMQs as it happened

    David Cameron continued his coruscating attacks on the Labour-union fiasco in PMQs this lunchtime. Review how Ed Miliband coped here.

  • Ed Miliband was left defenceless and vulnerable by Falkirk's selection farrago

    PMQs verdict: Labour bludgeoned into submission

    Unite's alleged machinations in Falkirk left Ed Miliband defenceless and vulnerable - and David Cameron showed no mercy as he brutally rammed his advantage down the Labour party's throat.

  • Prime minister's questions as it happens - May 15th 2013

    PMQs as it happened

    Deputy prime minister Nick Clegg covered for David Cameron at PMQs this week. Review his progress in fielding questions from MPs here.

  • Not one of the most subtle images, but you get the idea

    The week in review: Welcome to Ukip's parallel universe

    Britain entered a parallel universe this week, where Ukip rule the country and Nigel Farage is prime minister. It has felt a little bit like Westminster is being turned upside down and violently shaken.

  • Prime minister's questions as it happens - January 30th 2012

    PMQs as it happened

    Review our live coverage as Ed Miliband and David Cameron clashed over the economy in this week's PMQs.

  • Cameron played his backbenchers like they were voodoo. Or something

    The Week in Politics: David Cameron and the Spiders from Brussels

    Like a rock legend obliged to reaffirm his greatness every few years or so with the release of a new album, so David Cameron is obliged to acknowledge events and the passing of time by actively holding his party together on Europe. It's a chore, but this old hand is getting very good at it.

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