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Being British: Work by Scruton suggests he believes the children of Muslims cannot be loyal to the UK

Scruton is part of an intellectual culture giving respectability to racism

Howls of outrage over philosopher's loss of a government job ignore the reality of his output.

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  • Chief rabbi says multiculturalism has "had its day"

    Chief rabbi: Multiculturalism is over

    "Multiculturalism has had its day," Britain's chief rabbi argued today, as he issued a warning that ethnic and religious groups risk "putting our people's interest [ahead] of the national interest."

  • Applauding at a pro-Marxism rally. Probably.

    The Political Week Online: Top Marx for Michael Gove

    Is racial profiling no longer racist? Are rape threats hilarious? Are free schools Marxist? Is Robert Mugabe good for Zimbabwe? Trolls compete for the ego-validating wrath of the internet.

  • Ready to go: But ethnic media feels isolated from the London 2012 Games.

    London 2012: The equality backlash

    Equality and human rights groups launched a series of attacks on the London 2012 Olympics over the weekend, amid continued irritation at organisers' approach to the event.

  • Eleanor Laing: 'If I offend a bullying father who beats his daughter for her perfectly reasonable behaviour then I will offend him.'

    Interview: Eleanor Laing

    The sex equality chair talks about breast feeding, multiculturalism and whether you're allowed to say 'calm down, dear'.

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