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Clegg: 'In no other walk of life do you have people acting as judge and jury in that way'

Clegg paves way for end of press self-regulation

The sense that press self-regulation is a thing of the past was cemented this morning by Nick Clegg, as he echoed recent comments from the prime minister.

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  • BHA: Journalism, Churnalism and Media Bias

    ow much journalism is churnalism - the uncritical regurgitation of press releases? To what extent can we trust what we read in the press about medical and other scientific discoveries and breakthroughs? How impartial is mainstream media coverage of key political and economic issues? And just how much of tabloid news is just, well, made up?

  • BASC showcases benefits of shooting in government sports inquiry

    BASC has told a government inquiry how shooting can help to get more people active, reduce social isolation and promote personal wellbeing while encouraging engagement with the natural environment.

  • BSA: Social Media Seminar

    Social media is a fact of life and consumer, media and opinion-former involvement is growing fast. Many organisations are considering how to respond by looking at the opportunities that social media brings, but don’t have the know-how to build a strategy which could include: PR, marketing and customer relations. This seminar will deliver the tools to develop that strategy across the range of channels.

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