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"The Indian authorities have a lot to answer for. But so too do the British."

The untold story of how Britain turned a blind eye to a Sikh massacre

Recent declassified records reveal why the British government remained silent during a dark moment in Indian history

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  • The miners' strike marked a huge moment for Britain

    End of the miners' strike: The day hard men wept

    May 1979, the election that brought to power the government that led to the miners' strike, was a vote of huge change. In May 2015, Britain once again has the opportunity to vote. And once again the status quo is breaking apart.

  • Still The Enemy Within

    Frontline on the miners' strike

    To celebrate the release of Still The Enemy Within we look at some of the stunning photography which came from Britain's most violent and severe industrial dispute

  • Shock horror: Voters don't want a Margaret Thatcher Day, after all

    Slapped down: Poll setback for Tory right-wingers

    Conservative right-wingers have been warned against playing "fantasy politics" after new polling suggested their ideas are leaving voters cold.

  • Michael Gove, education secretary

    Gove makes amends for EU slip

    Michael Gove, education secretary, used a speech honouring former Cabinet member Keith Joseph to restate his commitment to "compassionate" Conservatism and his leader David Cameron, after his recent comments saying that he would vote to leave the EU.

  • 'Greed and grab' in the City - followed by the crash of 2008

    Interview: Professor Emeritus Eric Evans on Margaret Thatcher's legacy

    Now the Iron Lady has finally been laid to rest such debates will fade away, making her legacy more and more the focus of historians. Evans, whose book Thatcher and Thatcherism has re-examined the impact of her collected policies through the 1970s to the current coalition, thinks that, like the French Revolution, it's too soon to really tell quite what effect Thatcherism will have on Britain.

  • Margaret Thatcher's coffin in St Paul's

    Eyewitness report: Thatcher's sterile funeral

    There was no room for grief or even celebration at Margaret Thatcher's funeral - just the sterile solemnity of the Establishment.

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