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Knocking at the door of the Commons: A Lords review is likely to limit veto powers on statutory instruments

The Tories' Lords review will make parliament even less accountable

This isn't going to be about democratising the Lords - this will be about making the government more powerful

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  • BASC: Commons beats Lords at clay shoot

    The House of Commons won this year’s Lords vs Commons clay shoot, beating the House of Lords by 41 points. The House of Commons team scored a total of 758 points against the Lords’ tally of 717.

  • BHA: Government abandons House of Lords reform

    Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg announced today that the government will abandon its plans for reform of the House of Lords. The British Humanist Association (BHA) is disappointed at this decision, because we hoped that Lords Reform would provide an opportunity for removing the right of Bishops to reserved seats in Parliament. However... read more.

  • Lords reform proposals strengthen place of bishops in Parliament

    Proposals announced today to reduce the number of peers sitting in the House of Lords will in fact increase the voting power of the Church of England bishops, Humanists UK has observed

  • BHA: Defamation Act passed by House of Lords

    The House of Lords have passed the Defamation Act, after a three-year campaign calling for the reform of Britain’s libel laws. On Tuesday last week, peers voted by a majority of 78 to pass the legislation, and the Act gained Royal Assent on Thursday. The new Act will help to protect free speech, as well as end London’s status as the ‘libel capital of the world’. The British Humanist Association (BHA) welcomes this news.

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