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Nick Clegg: Stuck in the middle

Analysis: Clegg's flawed Labour attack

There's not much that's original about Nick Clegg's latest assault on Labour - but as 2015 approaches, the context for his salvoes of contempt are shifting.

  • Lib Dems face growing disquiet from left-wingers

    Lib Dems lurch left just as conference looms

    The Liberal Democrats today called on the government to scrap the Trident nuclear missile system, in the latest intervention designed to head-off growing dissent from the party's disgruntled left-wingers.

  • Lib Dem activists clearly prefer a Labour tie-up after the next general election

    Lib Dems yearn for Labour coalition

    Most Liberal Democrat activists want the party to support Labour rather than the Conservatives in government after the next general election, a poll has found.

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