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“Baker’s dozen” general election manifesto to be launched in parliament

The Bakers Food and Allied Workers Union (BFAWU) are set to launch their Bakers‘ Dozen manifesto that they and their members want to see introduced by the next UK Government. Aimed especially at the Labour Party, the Bakers‘ Dozen report and manifesto lays out 13 policy demands that would transform the lives of their members and working class people across… Read more »

Wales Humanists launches report on 100 years of disestablishment
End collective worship in schools say 70% of headteachers

A new poll of headteachers has once again shown that there is widespread opposition to the current law mandating schools to hold a daily act of collective Christian worship. Almost 2,000 school leaders were surveyed, with 70% of them opposed to the legal requirement. Humanists UK has long campaigned for the replacement of compulsory Christian worship in… Read more »

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Charlotte Henry: 'Nick Clegg - the liberal–to-his-fingertips leader I'd pounded streets, knocked on doors, and been criticised on TV for - reappeared.'
Lib Dem diary: Have we got our Nick Clegg back?

After a difficult few months, it’s nice to agree with Nick Clegg on something again. His decision to veto the communications bill – or snoopers’ charter – is gutsy and principled.